Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Emil Blücker

The Forest Monument(s)

As for the forest monument, this structure will try to withstand droughts, forest fires and biodiversity changes. The monument will enclose a part of the forest, preserving it as another instance of ”nature reserve”. The monument will in a way be within the enclosed part as well as the outside, as the outside climate will reflect the difference between the two parts, a contrast of time and climate change. Perhaps it will even become a safe haven for animals, a sanctuary where nature can thrive.

3 Locations

Like the sea monument, the mapping of this monument will also incorporate three locations. An area of about 25×25 meters will be measured up and inventoried on all its biotope that I am able to observe. This inventory will then make up the basis of three posters, a collage of the colors, objects and biotopes i found at the places at the current time. These posters will make up an indication of what the places are characterized by and what they contain, as well in what quantity.