Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Kristin Oretorp

The sound of architecture

Throughout history, there have been analogies between music and architecture as creative and artistic practises, both in the methods of conducting the design process and in the vocabulary used to describe how we create and experience music and architecture.

During this course, I have explored these analogies, investigating how the shared vocabulary could be used as a framework within which architecture could be analysed and experienced through a musical lens. I have used the shared vocabulary as framework and layered mapping as working method.

The work is intended to lay the foundation for a methodology that can be applied to my Masters Thesis. In my thesis, I will analyse the Gothenburg Opera House with the shared vocabulary framework, and use the analysis in the design process of an extension to the Opera House.


How can the shared vocabulary in music and architecture be organised to form a framework for analysis between music and architecture?

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