Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Kristin Oretorp

Architectural Reinterpretation

The second part of the iteration was to design new architecture from the mapping of the Art Museum. Little effort has been made to make it perfect design-wise, it is an experiment in how a two-dimensional map of the five terms in the shared vocabulary can be turned into built structure.

The fact that I only mapped one side of the existing buidling had a large impact on the shape of the new building. As the sense of movement alongside the Art Museum was strong, that movement would now have to be uninterrupted while moving around the building – at least along the facades connected to the mapping of the older volume. The result was a traingular structure with a rounded corner that urges the promenade to continue along the building.

FIGURE | Top view of new building

The rhythm of the older building has been accentuated with pillars and the canopy-like overhang of the roof. Basic geometrical shapes, like circles, cylinders, spheres and squares have been used in the process of determining dimensions and distances. Orbs and curves have been used as ornaments, fitted in the rhythm found in the mapping. While trying to keep the movement along the facade strong, I also wanted to accentuate the direction towards the entrance, which was intended in the original design of the older volume, using a sightline that continues into the building.

The back wall of the building represents the new volume of the Art Museum. Here, a repetitive organic pattern gives a diffuse sense of rhythm. The pattern is skewed to further accentuate harmonious dissonance, and the concave shape of the wall call for continuous movement.


A simple musical interpretation of the mapping has been added to the model, in a promenade around the building. All five terms that were mapped at the site have been taken into consideration, but as the two volumes were similar in size, this layer did not have any impact on this musical score.

The musical score can be experienced together with the model, by watching a video where the promenade has been coreographed according to the music.

Watch the film and listen to the music in the player below!