Housing Master´s Thesis 2020

Moa Bulthuis

Living situations over time | Apartment type A

Two apartments with two households. One family with two children and a couple. 

The couple is moving out and the family gets an addition to their apartment. The kids are still young so they don’t need the extra space yet. They decide to rent out one room  and keep the extra entrance for the tenant. 

The kids are now teenagers and the tenant has moved out since the family needed more space. The oldest teenager is now living in the room closest to the entrance. 

The family have been living in the apartment for 25 years. Both children have now moved out. The grandmother who just became a widow is moving in next to the entrance. She gets her own kitchenette and access to the living room. 

Living situations over time | Apartment type B

Two couples are sharing the apartment. They get equally sized rooms and are sharing The kitchen and the big living room.

The couples have finished their studies and one couple is moving out. The other couple is now having two children and are staying in the apartment. 

The children are now teenagers and the family gets the opportunity for an addition on the floor above. The children are moving upstairs and the parents get extra space for a home office and a walk-in closet. 

Both children have now moved out and the parents are renting out the upper floor to a student. A kitchen is installed and the private entrance is  opened once again. The parents are working from home a lot, having their own company, and have made a large office space. If the business is expanding they are planning to use the upper floor as an office in the future.