Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Bridging Islamic Architecture with Nordic Architecture

Study of Space

The form factor of the space of an interior is the main defining architectural element which needs to be taken into account.

Space Shape

Rectangular shape

A rectangular shape usually symbolizes the Earth since this is a form that is rational and stable. Since hierarchy is to be avoided, this shape maximizes the amount of worshippers

Octagon shape

An octagon represent Paradise in Islamic geometry and thus, thus form factor can be used as a spiritual enhancement.

Space Height

There is no clear answer on what height of a space is the optimal for an Islamic prayer hall. With smaller heights, a level of individuality and intimacy can be achieved and with greater heights, a level of anonymity can be achieved with a presence of something greater than themselves. Usually mosques are used for a large amount of worshipper and of personal experience, it is more desirable to have a level of anonymity rather than individuality. Thus the proportions between base area and height should aim towards the higher end so that a feeling of anonymity towards other worshippers are achieved but at the same time have the intimacy of a connection towards something spiritual.

Room height of 8 meters with a base dimension of 20 x 20 meters.