Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Bridging Islamic Architecture with Nordic Architecture

Study of Domes

In Islamic architecture, God is visualised through domes and has become an prominent element in mosques form all areas and ages. However in Nordic architecture, a dome is not as common. How does a Nordic dome look like?

Dome Proportions

Since a characteristics of Nordic architecture is to restrain the architectural language. I want to use the simplest form of a dome which is a perfect sphere cut in half. Thus moving forward in my dome iterations, the domes will have a vertical/horisontal radius ratio of 1:1.

Radius Ratio 1:1.

Dome Proportions

To have an elevated spiritual feeling, the dome size should be in proportion to the rest of the space.

Dome Design – Beam

While in Islamic architecture, the structural elements are historically hidden within a detailed pattern design, In Nordic building typology, the structural elements are shown and enhanced to give a transparent and honest integrity to the building elements. This is why a beam design was explored.

The chosen beam design has its reference to the symbolism where the dome stands on 8 base-points which outlines a octagon which in term represent paradise.

Dome Design – Contour

This dome design was inspired from one of the reference studies which works well in the Nordic context with a more subtle approach to domes, in line with the restraint in the architectural language. But the main outcome of this study has been the contour-design approach in general with endless possibilities and interesting light manipulation.

Dome Design – Sideflaps

The potential of having a new type of dome topology is within this dome design. Consider the protruding part of the elements to be out of glass so that the dome can receive a dynamic grazing light depending on the time of the day.