New Public Landscape // Matter Space Structure, Fall 2020

This is the digital display of the work produced in the studio of Matter Space Structure, Fall 2020. The participants of the course have all been invited to explore the conditions of the current and future framework and production of Gothenburg as a public space. Starting point fore these explorations have been the theme New Public Landscape. We have explored territorial and spatial production with departure in the notion of, for instance, the private and public. We have studied, analysed and critically examined phenomena to be found in the urban context and developed concepts, design and proposals that point towards possible futures. Drawing from a large scale and situations in the city of today, we have worked with a special interest in the detail that belongs to the territory of in-between – the meeting-space, the boarders and the thresholds. We call this the mediating detail.

Matter Space Structure / Chalmers School of Architecture / MPARC / Examiner: Daniel Norell, Course Leader: Naima Callenberg