Architectural Transformation

Orust Market Hall

project by: Barbara Kraus, Clara Alexandersson Frick, Michael Gates Carlsson

keywords: Market Hall, Co-sharing, reinvigoration, contrast

The dairy central in Vräland on Orust was first built in the 1930‘s and has since been remodeled several times. Even if the Dairy has been closed for many years it still holds a place in the memory of the inhabitants of Orust. By interviewing some of the inhabitants, we realised they are missing a meeting point and a place for the local small businesses to collaborate. Our aim for this project is to create a market hall for local producers where they have the opportunity to develop their business. Through working with co-sharing and flexible areas we hope to achieve a space that works over the year and give new opportunities both for the inhabitants and visitors of Orust.

We saw the qualities in the building’s rich history with the location nearby the main road and its robust materials. These were qualities we wanted to keep or develop shaping our project. We have chosen an approach where we are looking to add and reinvigorate the already existing. We are not looking to restore or renovate the building to any former state. But we want to work with the inherent value of the building, which lies in its history and memories of it. To us this means looking at what is, finding beauty and honesty in exhibiting the current state of the building. Looking at the building as a document of time and then rearranging parts of it to make place for future usage.

last edited January 2022 – By Elke Miedema