Housing Master´s Thesis 2020

Robin Lithén

The yard as a social space

Hip hip hurra! Kunstnerfest på Skagen (Krøyer 1888)

The common spaces are important when creating social relationships. The yard is a space made for socializing and is one of the few spaces that are common with the rest of the neighborhood, making it a vital part in creating these relations. It is also a space where mutual interest such as growing vegetables, practicing hobbies or play can bring the residents together. Activities such as these puts demands on the yard, where factors such as size, context, exposure and access to daylight are crucial. Having a defined space where the residents can meet and get to know each other also affects the how safe the residents feel. Aspect like knowing the neighbors, having a pleasant social environment, having control over situations concerning the common spaces and the building, as well as creating a safe environment are important for the residents.