Housing Master´s Thesis 2020

Robin Lithén


The site is located in the city center of Gothenburg, Sweden, in the crossing of Södra vägen and Berzeliigatan. It is located in the midst of cultural expression, having the city library, city theatre, artmuseum and conserthall next to it.

The site has long been a center of entertainment and culture. It has previously hosted a dramatic theater, Lorensbergteatern, a revue theater, Folkteatern, a circus, a park and an esteemed restaurant.
Next to the park one could also find a riding track, shooting range and music pavilions, which made the location a popular and esteemed place among the Gothenburg citizens. Today only Lorensbergsteatern is left.

The first Circus building was erected in 1884, then rebuilt in 1900 after a fire. It was originally used to house traveling circuses, but was also used for other events such as political meetings, boxing matches, free wrestling and more. Folkteatern burned down in 1942 and the business moved over to the circus, where it was housed until the demolition in 1969. The site stood empty for a long period and a debate figured around the site and its historical importance to the city. There were plans to build a movie theater on the site, but was later built in Heden. In 1994, the municipality granted a temporary building permit of ten years for a parking deck, which lit a new spark in the debate of the site. The central location and the historical values makes it an attractive and interesting site to explore.