Housing Master´s Thesis 2020

Robin Lithén


One thing all the dwellings have in common are the folding doors leading out to the balconies. The balconies are narrow, made as a place for short term usage – making the common exterior spaces and roof terrace more appealing as a space to spend a longer period of time on. The balconies are framed by a narrow strip of greenery to provide some privacy and delay the rainwater runoff.

The layout of the private and social spaces of the dwelling in relationship to the common spaces.
Studio apartment – 35 m2
Number of units: 6
Two room apartment – 50 m2
Number of units: 24
Three room apartment – 61 m2
Number of units: 15
Five room apartment – 96 m2
Number of units: 39
Two room apartment – 58 m2
Number of units: 4
Three room apartment – 70 m2
Number of units: 1
Five room apartment – 109 m2
Number of units: 5