Nordic Architecture

Aalto House

Detail model 1:10.

The process of the detail model starts in the process of deciding on a detail. The ideas ranged from full room elevations, to facade details, to furniture and even product designs. We did eventually settle on the serving cabinet placed in the passage room between the kitchen and the dining room.

There is a rich library of furniture and interior design in this house. This piece of custom built in dining room furniture is a great example of that. With drawers opened from both sides and sliding doors it is a rational and practical piece of furniture. There are few drawings of this piece which means we had to thoroughly analyze the construction.

In the making of the piece, the goal was to make the scale large enough to have the model as functioning as possible. With the 1:10 scale we were able to create a fully interactive model (with the exception of the door) whilst allowing it to be a model rather than a replica. The cabinets and the door are all framed by a wooden lining, hence that frame served as our frame in the model.