Nordic Architecture

Terrace House

Location: Oslo, Norway
Architect: Mogens Longborg, Anne-Tinne Kielland, Olav
Completed: 1964

…gliding like swallows from mountain-top to mountain-top
till they reach the furthest plateaus along the edge of existence.

By Tomas Tranströmer
From The Stones, translated by Patty Crane

After the Second World War, Norway had big problems with
housing. Oslo was partly distroyed and there was scarcity of
construcition materials. The constructor Selvaag tackled this
problem by using technical innovation and production methods.
The ”Terrace house” was implemented in the landscape and
it is the example of a social housing in the country that is
rejuvenating. The architecture is simple and clean with the big
apartments and terraces.

The architecture of the six individual blocks of the housing complex is defined by the slope of the hill. Big focus was on the affordability
and in that light the architects used prefabricated concrete
and have divided the wooden facade from the load-bearing

Group 5: Alma Unenge, Linn Allwood, Vanja Divic, Edvin Edström, Filip Wikman.