Master´s Thesis 2020 Matter Space Structure

Pengyu Chen

Photographed at UNStudio Office
A table with a Column


Master Thesis Spring 2020,Chalmers school of Architecture

Examiner: Morten Lund

Supervisor: Peter Christensson

The idea of the Master thesis is to conclude a methodology that defines the contradiction and complexity in an architectonic space as well as prototypes (spatial prototype)that are potentially infinite, an endless sequence of reiterations, combinations through a series of abstract and clear rules, and theoretically understands and thinks about the essence of space.

The method of the thesis would be focusing on the research regarding the definition of contradiction and complexity in space through case study and references, acquiring the concluded spatial prototypes as iterations. This thesis project is primarily driven by research through iterations of contradiction and complexity in space, working artistically, and exploratory. The design research is divided into two chapters, one where I develop a methodology to materialize the contradiction and complexity, one where previous research as well as interactions will be integrated into an architectural proposal within the urban context.

Overall, one aim of this master thesis is to understand the essence of space through contradiction and complexity and conclude a methodology as a design language that uses the complexity to explain the contradiction in space. And the other one is an awareness of architectural autonomy, which influences how we perceive, evaluate, and interact with contradiction and complexity of architecture.

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