Master´s Thesis 2020 Matter Space Structure

Pengyu Chen


Less is More

– Mies Van Der Rohe

Less is a Bore

-Robert Venturi

“Less” is by no means simple, but precise and concise space and form obtained through complex,highly-abstract and rational analysis.

“More” refers to the rich and complex form of space in architecture, or the richness of the detail that can be seen through different senses such as sight, sound, taste, touch, smell from space, form, scale, atmosphere. If this spatial experience and perception are intriguing, it is complex and rich knowledge. Conversely, if it is clear and pale, it is simple and boring.

Gestalt Psychology’s research believes that people’s perception of simple things is relatively easy, and it is easy to obtain a relaxed and comfortable feeling, which, however, is relatively light. While, It ’s more difficult to perceive the complex which might evoke a sense of tension, and it is necessary to carry out positive consciousness. But once completed and the tension is gone, people will get more aesthetic satisfaction. Overall, complex stimulation often leaves a deep impression on people.

Iterations_Complexity in Space

  1. Space defined by Skeleton
  2. Space with different thickness of walls
  3. Space with a hidden double high floor

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