Master´s Thesis 2020 Matter Space Structure

Pengyu Chen

House for a Priest with a hidden graveyard
House for a Priest with a hidden graveyard

After the process of reference study and iterations in the early phase, I did not intentionally look for the site of weak context to express the architectural form of the independent cemetery building. Instead, I intended to find a site that can reflect the spirit of the place, that is, to illustrate the existing contradictions and complexity of the site, after in-depth research, and integrated it in the design project, then proposed a geometric figure that emphasizes the monument.

Secondly, try to refine and simplify the prototypical space of the surrounding areas, through relying on “matter is spatially concretized”, thereby linking “landscape as monument” with the design project (Building as monument in the landscape) to create a balance between site’s specificity and architectural autonomy. The contradiction and complexity of the landscape are reflected and integrated into architectural spaces.

I hope it is also an architectural combination of abstraction and figuration. The functional space is figurative, meanwhile, the graveyard is abstract. Part of it belongs to the existing landscape (the extension of the cemetery landscape), a place where emotions are placed; On the other hand, it belongs to architecture,but it is closer to nature than any spaces. These contradictions and complexity are intended actions.

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