Building Design for Sustainability Master´s Thesis 2021

Arnaud Baas

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“The proposal is a speculative testbed for the components. An example of how the components could be combined and work together”


The proosal is a housing building in an urban context where elderlies and youth are sharing several amenities: gym, bike parking, co-working, garden, common Kitchen, common room, workshop, rooftop, movie room,dDonation room, guest rooms, laundromat, lounge and dining room. All the concepts are results from the components interconnections.

Components implementation

Through the whole building at least one type of each component is implemented. On the ground floor, the common room is interconnecting the entrance, the bike parking and the courtyard.

Ground floor

On the ground floor are the components of the entrance, the bike parking and the courtyard, all connected via the central common room. Around them are the public accessible gym and co-working space on the two opposite wings of the building
Entrance Hall and Bike Parking

The entrance is providing space to enhance interactions in the residents ins and outs. From there, people have direct access to the bike parking and utility spaces and there is a straight connection to the central common room. It is the result of the implementation of the component entrance hall type 2.

Perspective from the entrance hall.
Central common room

The common room is a large flexibe space with easily movable furnitures where different kinds of activities can happen. This room is connected to the two public programs, the gym and the co-working space and has large openings towards the courtyard.

Perspective from the central common room.

The courtyard is the outdoor hub of the community. A water trench is setting the border between the public and the common part. The further we go in the courtyard, the more intimate it becomes. It is the result of the implmentaiton of the component courtyard type 1.

Perspective from the courtyard.

Upper floors

On the upper floors, most of the social spaces are around the circulaitons. The staircase is centered to be equidistant from every living units.
The staircase

On the way up, the staircase is connecting the social spaces on the different floors. In certain storey, the landing becomes a unique space for interaction where residents can have a discussion on their way up and down. It is the result of the implementation of the component staircase type 3.

Perspective from the staircase.

Right outside the staircase is located the upper common room. It is the result of the implementaiton of the component access area type 2. Implemented on every floor, this space can host many different programs such as dining room, play room and movie room.

Perspective of the upper common rooms
The access area pockets

On the way to the living units, the circulations are widening into pockets. As for the upper common rooms, these spaces can host different programs such as reading, dining, playing and workshop. They are the result of the implementation of the component access area type 1

Perspective from the pockets.
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