Master´s Thesis 2021 Urban Challenges

Daniela Sonehag


How can a retrofitted green roof promote biodiversity and encourge social encouters between people?”

The main purpose of this thesis is to explore how to take action to increase biodiversity by retrofitting a green roof to the building Frölunda Kulturhus in Gothenburg. The other purpose is to strengthen the connections within the building and to the community and encourage knowledge and learning about nature. One way of increasing biodiversity is to work with a number of selected invertebrate species that are chosen from a number of parameters such as red listing and species from previous studies of green roofs in Sweden. By working with a number of specific invertebrates and their needs it is possible to benefit a large number of other species and ecological systems as well.


The project stratergies have been developed from the research and has two focuses; to take actions to increase biodiversity and social human actions.