Master´s Thesis 2021 Urban Challenges

Daniela Sonehag


The wild bee meadows are planned to fulfill the needs during the entire life cycle of the bumblebees and the scabious mining bee with both preferred flowers and possible nesting areas both for their nest and for their hibernation in winter. The life of the Large earth bumblebee, the red tailed bumblebee and the Scacious mining bee all lasts over one season, where the bumblebees wake up in early spring and die in the autumn and the Scabious mining bee only flies in the end of the season. The bumblebee queens however go into hibernation as full grown bees in the imago stage already fertilized, while the scabious mining bee is hibernating as larvae. Even though these two types of bees fly at the same time during late summer, they mostly require different kinds of flowers and the risk of competition for pollen access is lower between the bumblebees and solitary bees than between the two bumblebee species that have the same needs.