Master´s Thesis 2021 Urban Challenges

Daniela Sonehag


The project site is located in Västra Frölunda, in the western part of Gothenburg. The project building is the culture house called Frölunda Kulturhus. The buidling is located in a highly urbanized area but with some connection to nature and green pathways that stretches over the west parts of Gothenburg.

I have chosen to focus on seven species of wild bees and butterflies in my project. three of them are red listed with the risk of dying out without actions to protect them. The other four species are some of our most common ones in Sweden and have been chosen because they have been present and benefited from green roofs in previous studies.

These seven species have a lot of different needs, where for example the scabious mining bee depends fully on the flower Ängsvädd (Devils bit). These are called host plants, and without them there is no chance for the scabious mining bee to survive. The butterflies are very special since most of them are dependent on different host plants, especially in the caterpillar stage. The bumblebees don’t generally have host plants, but need flowers that match the length of their tongues. The earth bumblebee and red tailed bumblebee are both short tongued and need flowers that have short Corollas, like white clovers. Many species can however benefit from a number of different plants, and share the same ecological systems.