Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Linnea Alenius

Changing perspectives with collage

The journey from exploring collage as a tool, ending up discussing the given image of Biskopsgården, and then going back to contemplate on the power of collage and collage making again.

The questions:
How can I use collage as a tool in my architectural work?
What is the collage’s identity and what kind of tool is it?

When I did the prep course for the master thesis it struck me that I have been using only a few different methods and tools during my architectural education and that they have a clear focus on economy and buildability. Absolutely important things to learn but I also think that some things get lost if we (I) don’t have a broader toolkit when working in a creative process. When investigating this I found -collage- and that many architects and designers use collages both as a tool in creating and communicating as well as for analysing or to engage in the public debate.

The method:
A collage of collages

To almost exaggerate the investigation of the collage’s identity, the method in itself has been a collage. I understood early on that collage making is all about trusting the process and that you do not know where you will end up when starting a collage. This has been the case in all the collages I have made and the overall project.

This exhibition:

The upcoming pages will show my journey. It is starting with two collages of what Arkitekturupproret consider to be Gothenburg’s ugliest and most beautiful buildings and ends with questioning the given image of Biskopsgården. Focus is on the process of making the collages and the thoughts behind them. The last page is a condensed conclusion of findings relating to the identity of collage and how it has changed my perspectives.