Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Linnea Alenius

“Biskopsgården is one of the ugliest buildings in Gothenburg”

The second collage also emerge from AU but is instead showing what they consider to be the ugliest buildings in Gothenburg. This collage was a lot harder to do since these buildings do not have the same strong attributes in common as the beautiful ones. I started over many times and to bring some tension to the collage I placed a photo from the bombing of Warsaw as the background. It is meant as a comment on what AU suggest as the solution to “ugly buildings”, namely demolition and levelling with the ground.

When doing this something came to my mind that I had reacted to at their website, but not really reflected on. On place 19 in their list is Biskopsgården, a neighbourhood in Gothenburg housing more than 30 000 people. Having that thought in mind and at the same time looking at the bombing of Warsaw made the penny drop for me and I got really mad.

I do not know if the voters knew or did not care about if Biskopsgården is a neighbourhood or a building, or if they just thought it was a “funny” joke. It shows an ignorance and indifference that is too provocative to handle whatever the reason. Biskopsgården is an area facing many problems but to say that it is an ugly building is to go way too far.