Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Linnea Alenius

The pixeled neighbourhood

Another interesting thing about the image of Biskopsgården is that many of the people in the news from there are pixelated. We all know the pixeled image as a way to portray a criminal or a murder. In these collages I wanted to highlight that not only the perpetrator is being portrayed as the one conceiveing the crime. In today’s media the gang members get to be anonymous while the area is written out and become one of the bad guys. It has gone so far that some people unconsciously equalize the area with a criminal, thinking they will be killed if they go there.

I also have the perception that we have become used to reading shocking headlines in the news. So, to nuance the picture even more I wrote some of the headlines from October by hand using thin pencil underneath the pixeled images. My bad handwriting and the fact that the text is thin forces you to concentrate to be able to see what is written. My thought is that this concentration also make us enough conscious about what we read that we realize how insane it is that these things are happening.