Master´s Thesis 2020 Material Turn

Siri Pålsson

Printed model – Scale 1:100


The 3D scans of the full cathedral available online aren’t perfect. But, they give a great digital representation of the building. The information of the surface combined with color details of the texture makes it visually alike. I’ve been using this type of model when printing the base of the cathedral. It is printed in scale 1:100 with a milling machine in plastic foam. 

Firstly, I made the model watertight by closing the bottom part. To print the model in the milling machine every facade has to lay flat with the detailing upwards. To achieve this, I had to break the model apart in smaller components. When I had printed all parts I altered and glued them together.


It is possible to print the complete spire in one piece. But, since the 3D printer has size limitations I had to section the model in nine parts. I exported the model as an stl-file and imported it to the software application Cura. In Cura I had to manipulate the settings to make it suitable for the chosen scale.