Master´s Thesis 2021 Matter Space Structure

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Visual Guide

By practising to analyse images we can learn to go beyond our initial interpretation to find out what more information an image holds. A way to explore knowledge in images is to deconstruct and then reconstruct them. This is why we created a tool to guide ourselves when analysing our own images. 

The Visual Guide is meant to elaborate one’s understanding of the observed and can be used to analyse not just images but also items and places. The guide is divided into four steps that add on to each other. The different steps make the user change roles between observer and creator which initiates knowledge making and awake questions.


The examination takes place at Skanstorget in Gothenburg, a place that provides the opportunity to explore both past, present and future development. The site is well debated but still it awaits transformation. The current status quo of the site triggers an interest to uncover its layers.