Master´s Thesis 2021 Matter Space Structure

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This thesis has led to development of new ways to approach a site. It has opened our eyes to different ways to see a site, and by that finding new forms and principles for design. It has enabled us to start to challenge narratives. Further, representation has also proved itself to work as a powerful tool to drive processes.

Throughout this thesis, we have asked ourselves to what extent people need to understand the transformation of the information. We wonder when architecture derives from a site and when it should be labelled more as a source for inspiration. For us, this question does not have a clear answer, nor does it need one. We believe that good architecture is made when the creator, on a deeper level, understands and finds inspiration in the narratives of the place. If the architecture is good, there should be no need for explanations.

Creation of images filled with meaning, atmosphere and history serves as a very good communicator in architecture. And we believe that when images interact with memory and aspiration, it awakens a deeper commitment.