Nordic Architecture


Process & Reflection

Early Stage
The short duration of the project demanded an early understanding of the intentions and scale of Tietgenkollegiet. A combination of research, discussions and sketching sessions yielded the group a deeper understanding.

Study Visit
During the early phase of the project group members explored aspects of Nordic Architecture through study visits in Gothenburg and Stockholm. With difficulties appreciating the scale of the building clarity was found through the revelation of the comparable scales of Otterhällan in Gothenburg and The Royal Castle in Stockholm. Though comparable in scale very different in expression.

The process of model making was both practical and intangible. Physical labour was not necessarily what constituted the majority of the process. Communication and exploration describe the process more accurately through continious discussions regarding virtues, time management, discoveries and preparations. The understanding of Tietgenkollegiet was continiously in development, found whilst browsing or in manufacturing of model parts.