Master´s Thesis 2020 Material Turn

Andreas Nyström

Design Concept

In this proposed concept, kinetic architecture is used to transform public spaces with the objective to adapt the space after how it is used. By transforming the space into pre-determined states to create a very flexible and more usable space. For example, the space can be transformed into a building or raise shading when needed, or by creating space for other events like musical performances or outdoor cinemas.

When needed the surface of the space can change its topology to create zones with different use and functions. It could be due to a large temporary people flow and the system could then react and create zones for people in motion. Achieving this by changing its topography in real-time, reacting to people and adapting over time.

The Public Square

The space will be mainly used as a public square with the ability to transform and house other public functions. Such as markets, musical or sports events or by simply adapting the square after how it is used or what is needed. With the ability to transform the space into completely different structures more suited for private use some panels in the square can be made rentable.

Dividing the space into 5m x 5m panels, some static and some kinetic panels. With the kinetic panels as the rentable space that can be transformed into other structures and be used for both public and private use.

Grid Layout 12×16. Example of how the panels can be arranged to create a public square.
Versions of how the space can be arranged.


The space is constantly being exposed to a set of forces acting upon the space and these forces can change all the time. These forces are generated by the people using it, the weather or other changes that might occur. In response to these forces the system and the space can transform to meet the requirements of the forces. However, these forces are rarely static, they change all the time by a change in number of people using the space or how they use the space.

To show how the system is used in different functions and situations, several scenarios are created with a variety in functions and timespan.