Master´s Thesis 2020 Material Turn

Andreas Nyström

Market & Music

Scenario 1

The building for the seasonal café has already been raised for the summer, it is mainly used during all the events taking place. In the morning, a few visitors arrive to the café for breakfast and a morning coffee, with seating both indoors and outdoors. Later the sun arrives and shading for the outdoor serving is raised (1). This is well populated during the entire day and later when the sun disappears the shading is then retracted again (4).

During the day and evening an area of the square is meant to be used for a public market. Before it opens, an area with shading and tables is raised (2). During the day, more people than anticipated arrives and the market area is expanded (3).

When the evening approaches the stands and stage for a public speech is raised (5). During the speech begins there are about 50 people in the crowd. After the speech, the space is to be used for a smaller concert and additional stands is raised for more visitors (6).


One day. (Café: a couple of months.)