Master´s Thesis 2020 Material Turn

Andreas Nyström


Scenario 4

With time, the surroundings of the square will change which can have a large impact on how the square is used. From the start this square is mainly used as a place were people gather and use the kinetics of the square to make smaller local transformations based on their needs.

Years later, the public transportation system has changed and moved closer to the square. This results in larger people flow over the space in two directions, creating a crossing in the middle of the square. To avoid this the system adapts and creates a walk bridge in one of the directions so people can cross the square without interference (1).

As time pass, the public transportation system has once again been changed. This time the result has eliminated the flow of people in one of the directions. Leaving a square with a large flow of people across the middle of the square and the walk bridge has now disappeared (2). The square is now divided into two parts with the ability to make smaller local transformations on each side. Creating seating, shadings and changing the topology to create spaces where people can gather and use the space as they require.   


Ten years.