Master´s Thesis 2020 Material Turn

Andreas Nyström

Everyday Use

Scenario 2

An area of the public square is set to be used for an exhibition during a couple of weeks. The surface of the square raises and creates a protected space for the sculptures that are to be exhibited (1). After the transformation railings are attached to the roof as the space on top of the exhibition can still be in use.

As the space is close to the public transport of the city, during the morning and evening there are a lot of people flowing over the space (2). This is also an extremely popular place during lunch-hours in the summer, with lots of people seeking for a place to eat their lunch.  For this, some shading and benches is raised in the same space that was full of people on their way to work just hours earlier (3).

In the afternoon, the space is expected to be flooded again by people on their way home from work or school and all the shadings and seating’s is retracted again (4). In the evening, a smaller slope is created for people to sit on for the outdoor cinema that takes place occasionally during the summer (5).


One day. (Exhibition: a couple of weeks.)