Master´s Thesis 2020 Material Turn

Andreas Nyström

Event Park

Scenario 3

A sports event is set to take place for two weeks, with the need for two fields and a smaller crowd for both. There is also need for a smaller building were food can be prepared for people visiting the event. A smaller area is then transformed into a smaller building by raising the structure and then manually attach the wall units (1).

At the same time the event area is prepared by raising the stands and preparing the fields (2)(3). Since the surface of the square is not ideal to use as a surface, the area for the field is lowered to make room for a new surface that can be installed manually.

The second week of the event only one field is needed so the other is transformed back and turned into an interactive park (4). With the topology of the surface changing and responding to people walking on it (5).


Two weeks.