Master´s Thesis 2021 Matter Space Structure

Emma Olsson

Textile Wood

-a material exploration of hybrids of textile and wood
in architecture.

This is a thesis that challenge the idea of how textiles are used in architecture by investigating different ways of using textiles in combination with wood to form hybrid material system that can be applicable in architectural design. It investigates its material qualities and how these can be transformed by exploring different techniques.

Eight different hybrids of various types of wood and textiles are the result of the studies and exploration. These hybrids are applied in architectural settings and will be exhibited as a catalogue of architectural elements. The results are showcasing a wide variety of qualities and expressions which implies that the uses of the combination of wood and textiles could have a wider implementation in architecture than it has today.

On the following pages the result of this explorations are presented, starting with an introduction of the hybrids and architectural implementations.