Master´s Thesis 2021 Matter Space Structure

Emma Olsson

Pleating with wood sewn in

Sewing in wooden planks to the edge of a herringbone pleated polyester fabric. Pleating is a technique that permanently folds fabrics.

These folds creates both a texture on the fabric and some sort of structural stability. When pulling out the fabric and letting go the folds will fall back in to the original place.

The shape of the wood in this hybrid can vary and by bending the planks other shapes can be formed.


The pleated fabric works as an exterior curtain giving dimension and texture to the building. The fabric is sewn on vertical wooden glulelam beams spanning the width of the façade.

The fabric is split by the windows and the force of the pleat pulls the fabric together which creates openings.

Using a polyester fabric the pleats would hold up for a long time.

Space divider

With inspiration from the first explorations and the test called pleated vault the space divider showing the hybrid pleated with wood sewn in is a expandable vault. The pleats creates stability in the fabric which keeps the form of the vault.

The vault can be expanded and elongated until the fabric is almost plane and when pushed together the pleats folds back in to place.