Master´s Thesis 2021 Matter Space Structure

Emma Olsson

Eight hybrid systems have been developed and they are created to exhibit different wooden and textile material qualities. By displaying the materials in different ways they aim to create different architectural qualities and expressions. With a focus on showcasing multiple ways of using textile materials the hybrids uses different techniques, materials and scales.

Working with woven and knitted fabric as well as yarns and thread the textiles are showcased and used in different ways. Combining with different types of wood the hybrids are showcasing a variety of qualities, expressions, and functions.

The systems are first shown as a façade material. The façade is added on to a generic five story building with some complexities, such as openings, windows and a door on the first floor.

With the façade I want to exhibit the aesthetic and functional qualities of the hybrids. The material properties, expressions and transformability have been the main focus to show in the façades. The systems also needs to react the openings of the façade with transparency in the materials or openings made in the hybrid.

To showcase other qualities than the large scale façades, the hybrids are used to create smaller self supporting structures that can be used to divide spaces. The uses for these are wide and can range from enhancing areas in a large setting, to give division in a office landscape, or to create privacy for the bed in a studio apartment.

With a focus on exhibiting flexibility, structural stability and a use for the hybrid in a smaller scale the space dividers are created. They vary from vertical, flexible wall elements to expandable and collapsible arches.

The space dividers are produced to highlight other expressions and qualities of the hybrids than the façades are focusing on. The hybrid systems take on other forms and shapes to showcase the diversity of the material combinations.

On the following pages the hybrids and its architectural implementations are showcased and described.