Master´s Thesis 2021 Matter Space Structure

Emma Olsson

Wood weave

Wooden sticks weaved together with thread. By alternating wooden planks with yarn in one direction woven together with yarn in the other creates a hybrid that is stiff in one direction but flexible in another.

The hybrid has a strong woven look. By varying the techniques in the yarn woven part it can have different transparency and expression.


The façade application of Wood weave is showing the hybrid covering the façade attached to a floor that creates balconies on each floor.

The textile is woven rope that hold the wood in place. By leaving gaps in the rope weave, openings and lookouts are created.

Space divider

The space divider of the hybrid Wood weave is a pliable parting wall. The wooden planks is woven together by textiles and the planks has feet so that the wall can stand up.

The wall is thin and flexible, the wood is sturdy and holds the wall up but the weave is soft so it can easily be folded or rolled up